If you are planning to found a company in the U.S., you will benefit from good conditions. Right? Sometimes. But sometimes not. In the U.S., the states establish their own rules for company founding and they may in some cases differ from each other significantly.

Really good conditions which also attract foreign entrepreneurs are offered, for example, by Florida and Delaware, while the conditions in a range of other states are less good. Thus, you should consider in which state you would like to found your company.

Not everything is possible everywhere in the U.S.

We at ALTON decided several years ago to found our own company in Florida. The sunshine state of the U.S. offers entrepreneurs good conditions, but this is not necessarily the case in all U.S. states.

These conditions include the following:

  • No minimum capital is required for founding a company in Florida.
  • The LLC as well as the corporation can also be formed by 1 single person in Florida.
  • A company can be formed without appearing an owner in the commercial registry.

Further information about company formation in Florida in available in our FAQ area.

Because the conditions in other states are in some cases clearly less advantageous, founding your company in Florida can be sensible even if the focus of your business activity is in other states. In such a case, you can found your company in Florida in order to profit from the good conditions there, and then found a branch in the state of your own choosing. This is often the better option compared to founding the company in the actual state intended.

However, ALTON can help you in each case, both with the founding of your company as well as with establishing a branch in the state of your choice.

Where will ALTON form your US company?

In theory, we will found your company in any state of your choice. But we recommend company formation in only a few. In addition to Florida, Delaware, Oregon, Nevada, and Wyoming offer many advantages.

Lets have a chat with you about the state in which you would most like to found YOUR U.S. business. We look forward to discussing this with you.