Advantages of an LLC

The following advantages of an LLC are to some extent independent of the state in which the company is founded. In some cases, however, the advantages only apply in those states where the company was founded, while they do not apply in others. ALTON generally establishes companies in Florida for its clients, but founding in other U.S. states is also possible.

  • The LLC offers the partners limited liability.
  • The company can be founded by 1 single person.
  • Proven share capital is not required for it.
  • Forming an LLC anonymously is possible in several states.
  • The LLC allows the founder a great deal of freedom in choosing the form of his or her company. For example, the founder can themselves determine whether their LLC will be run as a partnership or as a stock company.

Important: Important: Potential company founders from outside the U.S. should seek advice as to whether the LLC or the corporation is the better choice for them.
Often the LLC is the wrong choice, as due to the tax behavior of other countries financial authorities, the LLC may become a tax trap.