Advantages of a Corporation

The advantages of the corporation listed here are not the same in all U.S. states. The rules for companies and the founding of companies are defined individually within the states in the U.S. This means that founding a corporation in Texas, Florida and New York may be different. Many of the following advantages are the same in many or all states, while some are valid for the founding of a corporation in only certain states.

As a founder you are free to choose the state in which you would like to found your company. Regardless of state in which your corporation is formed, you can be economically active not only in each U.S. state, but also exclusively in foreign countries. In the latter case, you must fulfill only a few conditions which your company founding service can undertake for you. We can basically help with founding in any state, however we suggest founding in the state of Florida.

Let’s now address the key question – What are the advantages of founding a corporation for you:

  • With a corporation, responsibility is generally limited to the company assets. The private assets of the founder are well protected.
  • No share capital is required for founding a U.S. corporation in Florida.
  • As we have described, founding as an individual is also possible.
  • If required, the company can also be established anonymously.
  • Like companies founded in Europe, the U.S. corporation can open accounts in Europe or even establish subsidiaries.
  • The corporation can also be entered into your countries company registry.
  • The corporation can, moreover, provide a way to facilitate immigrating to the U.S.
  • Notary costs will not be incurred.
  • The founding of a corporation can almost always be concluded within a few days. An even faster formation process is sometimes possible.

There are further advantages that arise in special situations. On the one hand, there is also the possibility of issuing shares for a corporation in order to gain fresh capital. In this case, however, the power over the company is of course also divided amongst the shareholders.