Operating with a corporation in your Country

The founding of a corporation is not only an option for operating a company in the U.S. market. Entrepreneurs who plan to be economically active only in their home country can utilize the advantages of the corporation. You don’t have to travel to the U.S., because ALTON can take care of all the formalities without the founder being present. If the corporation is new, you will officially receive a U.S. company with a U.S. location and will operate a branch outside the US. There are several conditions you must fulfill as the owner of a corporation if the company is active exclusively outside the US. However, with support, these conditions can easily be met.

U.S. location and registered agent

The newly-founded corporation must possess a business address in the U.S.A. This serves as the company’s postal address for the U.S. authorities. This does not mean that the business of the corporation need be in any way organized around this address. ALTON will provide its clients with an official business address upon request which is reachable for U.S. authorities. The U.S. authorities do require the existence of a registered agent. This is the official contact person of the company for the U.S. authorities and he or she must be located in the state of where the company is founded. In addition to the postal address, ALTON can provide a registered agent for its clients who are active exclusively outside the US.

The Apostille

The apostille is the certification of an official document with which those states, who are signatories to the Hague Convention 12 on the exemption of public documents from diplomatic certification or legislation, certify the authenticity of the documents. These states include the U.S. and many other countries. For a corporation founded in the U.S.A, the apostille certifies the authenticity of the founding document in a foreign country. The apostille is necessary so that the corporation can become economically active outside the US.

Annual Report

Corporations also active outside the US must prepare an “annual report”. In this report the activity of the company is documented for a given fiscal year. It therefore contains, among other content, a profit and loss statement, the Directors’ report, as well as a statement on the operating and financial prospects of the company. ALTON helps its clients with the “annual report” when requested.

Call and mail forwarding

Mail and calls that arrive at the official company address of the corporation in the U.S. can be forwarded to your country, so that you responsible for the company can, for example, quickly receive information from U.S. authorities for your company. ALTON offers various forwarding packages for this, so that entrepreneurs with a corporation outside the US are always up-to-date with people who would like to reach them and their company in the U.S.A.