In order to be able to evaluate whether a company formation in the U.S. makes sense or not, you should first compile some information about the LLC company forms and the corporation. You can find this information here. On various subpages you will learn in particular, for example, how a corporation is built, which bodies it is comprised of, which advantages they offer for a founder and what you must pay attention to if a company operates solely in Germany and not in the U.S. We have another information page on the Limited Liability Company (LLC). We then present further subpages for you on the advantages and disadvantages of both company types, on tax questions and provide a direct comparison of the LLC and the corporation.

Perhaps read up on the topic and research the qualities of LLCs and corporations here? Be our guest!

But of course, you can also ask us directly at ALTON if you would like to know about both company legal structures. We are also happy to talk to you by telephone. And if you have decided to found an LLC or a corporation, we will take care of all the formalities to ensure a rapid company formation. In general, the formation is completed within a few days, providing you with a company which is completely ready for business.

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The Corporation

In this area we introduce the most popular legal form in the U.S.

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A popular alternative legal form, however not suitable for everybody.

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Corporation vs LLC

What are the key differences between the corporation and the LLC?

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Which State to form?

One state is not the same as another: which state is the right one for you?

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

The most frequently asked questions and answers – an overview for you

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Our Services & Fees

What do we offer – and at what cost?

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