Maximilian KaragözProfil11

Advisor & Notary Public


Maximilian Karagöz is a Notary Public and was named a notary public by the Governor of Florida.

As a result of his time spent in the private sector and politics, Mr. Karagöz has good contacts with leading representatives from this industry.

Mr. Karagöz has led our company for more then 12 years, and he is available to you at all times with many years of experience and his knowledge.

Michael Kempe


Email: mkempe(at)

Michael Kempe works for ALTON as an expert in the area of “Business Development and Consulting” and in this capacity advises clients on all topics related to U.S. company foundations and entering into the U.S. market. He gained his formative experience with companies such as Ernst&Young AG and the German company Lufthansa AG as well as in his capacity of assistant to the Board of Management at Agentur Stern GmbH.

Since 2016 he has provided companies and startups with consultancy and services in the areas of marketing, sales, and strategy. He has also provided important stimuli to his corporate clients in achieving successful entry into their respective markets. The ALTON team is glad to have gained Michael Kempe as an advisor.

Nina Polzer

Administration – Wiesbaden

Email: npolzer(at)

Nina Polzer has been with ALTON since 2014 and looks after existing customers at our Wiesbaden location. Ms. Polzer also has management responsibility for the leadership of the Wiesbaden location.

Sandra Johne

Administration – Miami

Email: sjohne(at)

Sandra Johne has often been the first point of contact for our repeat customers within our administration. They all value her great competence as office manager. Thanks to her extensive professional experience gained, among other things, as assistant to the CEO of numerous reputable companies in Europe and the U.S., she has a wealth of qualifications in areas such as marketing, financial systems, and administration, all of which now benefit us and our clients.

Ansgar Sadeghi


Email: presse(at)

Ansgar Sadeghi has worked as an online editor and copywriter in Germany for several years and has written for companies such as Audi within his professional work. He works as a marketing and press agent with ALTON.